Your 1st Ezine in a WeekendIs Fear, Confusion or Procrastination Preventing
You From Starting Your First Newsletter
...and Getting New Clients from It?

PROBLEM SOLVED (FINALLY!): Join newsletter expert Linda Claire Puig
and success-minded business owners in a rare opportunity to
create and send your First Ezine in a Weekend...PAIN FREE!

Dear Independent Business Owner,

Linda Claire PuigIf you're reading this, it means you already know the power of an email newsletter (ezine) to help you easily attract a steady stream of perfect clients and customers.

You know that if you don't have a newsletter to follow up and keep in touch with potential clients—to become someone they know, like and trust enough to hire and buy from—you will never have the kind of success you want in your business, nor the freedom you want in your life.

The problem is that most independent professionals and solo-business owners THINK newsletters are great...but they don't DO them.

Has a newsletter been on your to-do list forever, but you feel nervous, confused or overwhelmed about what it takes to get the first one OUT?

I know, I know...there are TONS of good reasons to put off creating your first ezine:

  • You're unsure what to put in it...
  • You don't know who exactly to send it to (who to put on your list)...
  • You're unclear HOW to send it and what it should look like...

When you don't know where to start, it's easy to procrastinate.

That's why I created "Your 1st Ezine in a Weekend."

Your 1st Ezine in a WeekendHaving helped hundreds of clients over the years with their newsletters, I know that the very first ezine is the toughest. There's a lot of new stuff to figure out.

And if you don't have someone right there with you, walking you through every single step and answering every single question you have, chances are you'll give up...or keep putting it off some more.

But with my support and answers, you'll finish your very first ezine—from setting up your email service provider to designing and writing your newsletter to pushing send—in ONE weekend.

(I promise...the remainder of your ezines will NOT take this long. But your first one is full of "FIRSTS" and you want to make allowance for that!)

At "Your 1st Ezine in a Weekend" (March 16-17), here's what you can easily COMPLETE by Sunday evening (and have FUN doing it!):

check Your main educational article—written.

check Your first personal note—written (feedback provided, if you want).

check Your first promotion—chosen with clarity and written.

check Your email service provider account—properly set up and ready to send your ezine and other emails.

check Your "starter" contact list—all email addresses confidently gathered and uploaded, ready to receive your first newsletter.

checkYour powerful newsletter name—selected with guidance, helping you energize your audience with the experience of you that you want your readers to have.

check Your beautiful newsletter template—created, customized and filled with your fresh content. Really! Even if you're not a techie!

Those are the actual tasks you can easily complete during the weekend, not only sending your first newsletter, but setting you up for success for all future emails to your list.

"To be honest, I was AMAZED by how well Linda kept up with all of us, all the content, all the discussions. I was impressed that she was able to look at everyone's work and provide helpful, honest and insightful comments." —Heather Merrill

Truthfully, you'll accomplish SO MUCH MORE than the tasks associated with putting together a newsletter!

  • You'll be clear as a bell on what to write and who to write it to, now and in the future!
  • You'll know all the insider expert secrets to creating sizzling newsletter content that captivates your readers and makes them hungry for more—and this skill will last you a lifetime!
  • You'll free your mind so that your passion and confidence spills over into your writing and inspires your readers. If you can do it once, you can do it again!
  • You'll overcome fears of being seen, judged, exposed and move into service mindset.
  • You'll glimpse possibilities not only for your newsletter, but for your entire business. I am generous with my observations and suggestions for your success.

PLUS! You won't be makes it fun and effective!

As a participant in "Your 1st Ezine in a Weekend," you'll be part of a private online Facebook community of other success-minded business owners who are ALL setting up their first ezine.

So not only will I be supporting you with my 30 years of experience -- you'll have an entire community of collaborators!

Concerned that your personal note is TOO personal, for example? I'll give you my best expert advice from having created hundreds of newsletters for clients and keeping my finger on the pulse of effective newsletters for years. But also ask your fellow ezine creators. Some of them might be your ideal clients! At the very least, you'll get feedback from a variety of perspectives..

Plus, working in a group (even if you are virtual!) makes you MUCH more accountable than if you were doing it on your own.

Here's how you'll know this "get-it-done-NOW" event is right for you:

  • You feel overwhelm, confusion and fear when you think about creating your first newsletter or writing your personal note or promoting something in your ezine.
  • You need practical advice and easy, concrete "how-to" steps and a newsletter and email marketing expert who's "been there, done that" and will lead you through the forest.
  • You've put off for years the one activity you KNOW will generate credibility, quickly, even if you're new to marketing or business, with specific expert, hands-on guidance every step of the way.
  • You're finally ready to get your name out there to your audience and build relationship with them so that they know, like, trust—and BUY—from you.
  • You love that you can shorten your learning curve—and the time it takes to undertake something so new—by working directly with an internationally recognized expert..
  • You want to discover how to create a newsletter the easy and profitable way the first time, and save yourself years of heartache, lost time and irreplaceable dollars from the trial-and-error approach.

I am here, to walk you through this, step by step, March 16 and 17.

This "Your 1st Ezine in a Weekend" program includes:

  • Super-rich audio trainings where I reveal all the secrets of creating "rockstar"-quality newsletter content. You can listen and re-listen to them as needed prior to kicking off our weekend.
  • Instructional calls throughout the weekend (with additional training) preceding designated work times.
  • Coaching calls, where you can ask me ANY questions that come up as you do the work. We can brainstorm articles for you, name your newsletter, bust through the blocks that keep you from putting yourself "out there" and much, much more.
  • "Newsletter Title Idol"—a super-fun event! Everyone "wins" a fantastic name for your newsletter, carved with input from the whole gang and "blessed" by me. And then we vote to see whose name we love the best. Winner gets a special prize from me!
  • Screen-capture training videos so that you can see and MIMIC exactly what I'm doing...for yourself. This is especially helpful for the technology parts, such as uploading your contact list.
  • Private online Facebook forum where you can interact freely and privately. Connect with others in the class for feedback and support, and make great business connections while you're at it!

The coaching calls by themselves are worth your entire investment! When you add all the practical, strategic training calls and videos I'll ALSO be providing, and then add in the benefit of working in community—you have an unbeatable combination!

We use a high-quality teleconference service that enables you to participate by phone, skype or webcast from literally anywhere in the world!

ALL of the calls are all recorded, so you can attend live or submit your questions in advance and listen later, if need to miss a session or two.

"I'm just beginning and I don't have a product or program ready to promote. Will this weekend training still help me, or should I wait?"

"The beginning" is actually a PERFECT time for you to take the course. Not many people are in a position to "officially" start their business with their newsletter already up and running—already developing your relationship with the people you will serve. That's the opportunity you have!

This course is foundational to everything you will do to market your business online. What I will help you do is to get started with a newsletter—so that you can begin building a solid, personal relationship with potential clients.

As for promoting things...a newsletter will benefit you whether you're focused on selling leveraged products or private service packages.

And if you're having a hard time deciding what to promote, one of your bonus checklists includes 105 different things you can promote. If you think you don't have anything to promote right now, you won't think that any longer after you work with this checklist!

"I don't consider myself a good writer...will I be able to benefit?"

You can create an amazing newsletter even if you don't consider yourself a great writer. Firstly, you'll have my full support + resources to guide you through.

I've broken the process down into simple steps that you can easily follow. You'll have templates to refer to, and examples to model.

Several of our "Newsletter Rockstars" began their newsletter journeys HATING to write, and they are now some of the best, and they LOVE it and what this new-found skill has allowed them to do. This could be the start to changing YOUR relationship with writing!

And don't forget that one of the bonuses for enrolling in "Your 1st Ezine in a Weekend" is a pack of Ready2Go Articles, professionally written articles that you can use as your own! Those will save you TONS of time—and give you a lot of peace of mind around your writing.

My 100% Happiness and Peace of Mind Guarantee

My past students have loved this course so much that I am confident you will, too. If, after attending the weekend and doing the work, you're not happy with your investment, we'll refund 100% of your cost upon request within 3 business days. Simple as that!

"I love it! How much is my investment?"

Creating your newsletter is one of the most valuable skills you'll ever learn as a business owner, and it will continue to pay off in your business, year after year.

The tuition for this program—with full access to me throughout the weekend—is only $697. Add in the bonuses, and you're receiving another $2,422 in! Your total value received for a $697 investment is $3,119! The best news is that your investment now will pay you back for years.

This level of investment guarantees access to me throughout the weekend so that you get all your questions answered and can MOVE AHEAD with your very first newsletter! And the bonuses—from articles you can use as your own to membership in the Newsletter Action Group—ensure you have my support for months to come so that you keep up your newsletter!

Reserve March 16-17 RIGHT NOW on your calendar, and reserve your spot in the weekend on the reservation form below.

Your 1st Ezine in a Weekend reservation form Your 1st Ezine in a Weekend single payment $697 Your 1st Ezine in a Weekend 2 payments of $397

Still have questions?

Click here to ask me any question about "Your 1st Ezine in a Weekend."

I want to see you there!

To your BRILLIANT success!

Linda Claire Puig


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